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For us, a scale goes far beyond weight. When we think of scales, we think of Innovation, Future and World. When we think of scales we think of New Methods of Payment, Wireless Technology, Data Collection and Automation. When we think of scales, we think of your industry, your supermarket or your butcher shop. For us, the scale is part of the family.
Marques Electronic Technology(Ningbo) Co.,Ltd is a joint-venture company, a sub-company of GRUPO JOSE PIMENTA MARQUES, mainly doing business on weighing products. GRUPO have more than 50 years experience on producing weighing equipments, have own R&D team on both software and hardware developments, many of the products have won international awards. Since the establishment, under the leadership of GRUPO, MARQUES CHINA already become a company combined with self developping, producing and selling weighing products, self importing and exporting and self software development. From 2020, MARQUES CHINA not only provide related weighing products to GRUPO, also start selling own products to other countries.

It was 1967 when our father Jose Pimenta Marques decided to start his own project in the manufacture of scales. He started working in the same facilities of his mother, taking advantage of the existing resources, but on his own, that is, creating his own company: Balanças Marques.

When he created Balanças Marques, our father José Pimenta Marques had the dream of improving the quality of life of our family, creating a sustainable business. With this goal in mind, he ended up launching differentiating products that marked the company's innovative and ambitious DNA.

For more than 50 years, the scale has been the center of our family and we stand by you to help you choose and develop the best weighing solution for your business


Beginning of Marques Family. 1967: Foundation of Balanças Marques by José Pimenta Marques and first steps of the company.


1970: Moving to new facilities at Garapôa. The specialty was the scales for agriculture, made of metal. Showing its innovative and pioneering character, Balanças Marques stands out with the invention of the famous Romana scale totally in metal.


Massive growth of the company despite the national and global economic crisis. 2003: Creation of the José Pimenta Marques Group. New technologically advanced products. Expansion and modernization of facilities. Strong international growth.


1983: Moving to new facilities at Boavista. The Second Generation of the Marques Family begins to enter, “full time”, in the "business". The company becomes increasingly specialized in commercial and industrial weighing solutions.


Growth in the number of employees. National and international awards. The Third Generation of the Marques Family assumes an increasingly active and relevant role in the business.


1995: Moving to the current facilities in Celeirós Industrial Park. Unstoppable growth of the company and its industrial modernization. New products (highlight for the weighbridges/truck scales). Beginning of the internationalization strategy.

Our Mission

To add value to the weighing world by innovating through the development, production and commercialization of instruments and services that our customers are proud to use.

Our Vision

Maintain and strengthen the position among the main European players.

Continue at the forefront of the technological development in the sector.

Attract and retain the best talent, promoting a professional and competitive environment, without giving away the family values and principles.

Be recognized as a socially responsible company, which contributes actively to the well-being of the surrounding community.

Our Values

One Group, One Family.

Integrity and Rigor.

Innovation and Excellence


For us success is also the possibility of returning to the community. Our social responsibility policy is a source of opportunities and innovation.

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